Work/life balance. It’s no joke…

This Easter, some of our colleagues reflected on the things that they like to do to try and maintain an appropriate work/life balance.  This is an important consideration for would-be freelance consultants too and those seeking new permanent roles.

As a truly global recruiter, we work on a wide variety of vacancies with diverse groups of candidates.  Some roles require extensive international travel and might include demanding project deadlines, others may be longer-term or permanent vacancies, ideal for local candidates or someone seeking to relocate.

Given the importance of work/life balance, I was drawn to a news report on the BBC (- reproduced here at concerning a disastrous April Fools‘ joke at US law firm, Weil, Gotshal and Manges.

On the morning of April 1st, Weil, Gotshal & Manges sent out a company-wide email claiming the firm was intending to block or redirect emails between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., all day on Saturdays and Sundays, and whilst employees are on holiday. Legal industry bloggers, Above the Law, heard from associates that they were delighted to learn of the new policy, as the firm proclaimed, “We are proud to be taking a leadership role in caring about our colleagues’ quality of life.”

When, later in the day, the firm revealed that the e-mail had been intended as a joke, associates failed to see the funny side prompting an embarrassing retraction by from executive partner Barry Wolf: “We obviously got this wrong and we sincerely apologize. We know and appreciate the hard work that all of you do. We have and continue to take work-life balance seriously and are always evaluating ways to improve the quality of life here, given the intensity and demands of the profession.”

Whilst we trust that managers at Weil hope Easter has taken the sting out of the situation, there is an important message here for employers and job-seekers alike:  Work/life balance really is no joke…


3 thoughts on “Work/life balance. It’s no joke…

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